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Frank Strazzulla Jr.

Frank Strazzulla, Jr.

Frank Strazzulla, Jr. [1970- ]
Landscape, Forest Interior, 2010
Oil on canvas
40 x 38 inches


Frank Strazzulla, Jr. received his BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art in 1980, having participated in foreign study at the University of London and the Boston University program in Florence, Italy. His graduate work continued at the Rosary College Villa Schifanoia in Florence, where he received his MFA in 1982. Subsequent study continued in Florence at the studios of Charles Cecil and Daniel Graves, and later with Paul Ingbretson and RH Gammell in Boston. In 1986, Strazzulla was named by the prestigious Guild of Boston Artists as the year’s most promising young artist.

Strazzulla’s paintings reflect his background of European study. Highly concerned with the technical aspects of picture-making, Strazzulla honors centuries-old traditions of painting. Stretching his own canvas, mixing his own gesso and painstakingly grinding his own pigments, Strazzulla shows an attention to detail unmatched today.

Strazzulla approaches his landscape studies through a series of preliminary drawings, as well as by oil sketches painted “en plein air.” These works serve as reference for the execution of larger works. This creative process may extend over many months for a single painting.

Particularly influenced by the 19th century American painters George Inness and Frederick Church, Strazzulla’s unique style of romanticism reflects his extraordinary reverence for nature. His paintings are imbued with a monumental dignity and calm. Each resonates a powerful quality of Old World richness and depth.

Strazzulla has been widely publicized, including; The Boston Globe, “When It comes To Art, He Does Not Compromise,” August 1991, American Artist Magazine, “Building on Traditions,” May 1992, Art Encounters, Vaughan-Goodman Publishers, “A Journey Into American Art – From 19th Century Through Contemporary,” 1992. Panorama Museum, Bad Frankenhausen, Germany, “Realism Revisted, The Florence Academy of Art,” 2003 and most recently, American Artist Magazine, “American Artist Cover Competition,” Runner-up, February, 2006.

Strazzulla’s is a member of The Copley Society of Boston and The Guild of Boston Artists. His work has been exhibited broadly, both at home and abroad, and hangs in private and corporate collections worldwide.




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